journalling, day 4

Bethells Tower at Sunset

Bethells Tower at Sunset

Prompt 4
Let’s be real – no dreaming (well, not much!) What would be your perfect day?


If I had written this on Saturday, I would have said that it was close to my ideal day. Clear weather, kids sport & giggles, time with friends, tea in bed, reading, stitching…

I think I was only really missing the walk at Bethells Beach.

But Sunday was tense and a lot of it was not fun. Not enough sleep for Bran, which makes him loud and grumpy, and flows down thru the family (concussion related). I am angry about a range of things, the house is untidy with laundry piles and I feel that half the household isn’t pulling their weight, which leaves me even angrier. Headphones on & let’s download some books for the reader…

I have a little prompt in my journal which reminds me to Focus On Good Things, a little like Piglet might tell Eeyore. Shame I feel like Rabbit instead. Have another carrot, bitch…

Image taken from of the Surf Livesaving station at Bethells.

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