Journal, day 3

an update on yesterday – I HAVE learnt how to spell existential. Woo hoo.

Prompt 3

Make a fashion statement! What’s your style? Jeans? Jersey? Jacket? Tell us what makes you comfortable – or SMART!

I’ve reversed yesterday’s process in that this is a shot of my journal with the tags, stitches and textures, but the text is also below:

OK, so I read this and came to an abrupt halt. I’m not really a fashion person at all, I prefer individuality – hence today is a mix of purple chucks, skinny jeans, long black cardy and a beautiful blouse that was made in a little Hong Kong boutique (thanks much to my SIL, it’s one of my favs). Yay for casual Fridays 🙂

What got my brain storming was the word I took out of the prompt – FABRIC. I think stitching, embroidery (yes, they are different to me), LOTR costumes (I love the texture, layers & detail), glamour, warmth, comfort, aida, linens, evenweave…

I take a project along with me pretty much wherever I go, be it work or the car. I’m trying to embrace new things, like surface “free” embroidery – I went to a class earlier this year with Zeb, to the Stitchsmith and my head is overwhelmed with new ideas. I’m loving the creative buzz!

My samples? Aida (the white and blue square-like fabrics) – what new stitchers can learn on. Easy to work with & I’m currently stitching with Zac. A DMC wrapper – they make my fav threads. A pink ribbon – lots of focus on ribbons these days. Quiksilver tag – my new dress already for summer. And cream evenweave – reverse chainstitch, long/short fill & my most common stitch, the cross over 2 threads.

LINKS – Zeb’s blog :
– The Stitchsmith :
– Write On, home to the prompts:

READING: The Princes in the Tower by Alison Weir. Apparently my brain had enough trash inbetween the solid stuff to absorb more facts.
LISTENING: iPod is still on shuffle. I can’t settle on anything so it pops from Nickleback (don’t judge hastily, the early stuff is great and non-commercial) to Alanis to Toby Mac to Ministry of Sound to Seether. Ooh, Duran Duran – lets hit that fast forward, shall we?
CRAFTING: on week three of the Mirabilia pattern Stargazer. So pretty, she reminds me of Maria in Elizabeth Goudges’ Little White Horse.
MISSING: Still cut up the the MIL killed my red tailed shark.

3 thoughts on “Journal, day 3

  1. It is very freeing to be able to say that we are no longer influenced by fashion. I think it’s a mark of maturity! Not of getting old – but of growing up!

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