jOURNAL day one

So obviously with the calendar difference my day one has started on an odd calendar day…

The prompt lives here:

Prompt 1

Take some time today to be quiet. Maybe you will have a chance to sit in the garden – or at the window – or even on the bus. Wherever you are, just take time to LISTEN.

Write about what you hear.

So closing my eyes, what do I hear? My fingers typing. Nicky Romero’s “Like Home” (Ministry of Sound Annual 2014) on my iPod. The printer in the buyer’s assistant’s area. Alex talking to a supplier. Sarah talking to a store. The clatter in the lunchroom.

And this is a relatively quiet morning too!

4 thoughts on “jOURNAL day one

  1. Thanks for linking to the prompt. I’m really enjoying all the different sounds and experiences discovered as a result of the prompt. Why not join us on Fb? Send me a mail.

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