a very overdue update

Here’s our man – hard to belive he’s now 7 months old. He’s walking around the furniture; eating heaps (still); starting to babble; kicks his legs furiously when he’s excited to see someone or something; sleeps well if in his sleeping bag; loves Bear in the Big Blue House and just about anything else on Playhouse Disney but doesn’t like Jonas Brothers (good taste, son!); loves swimming or baths but not getting out; his aunt and uncle, even tho A isn’t too keen on the nappy business; adores his sister and will go to her even when she’s grumpy; likes to push his dad out of bed and is now facing forward in the car. Likes playgroup some days and is not good at sharing if it’s not with his brothers!

The others are all doing well – Lou is with us at the moment, taking some time out from the other household (which is not going down well, but what can you do?); Bran has started training and Zac starts tonight. Muster is also tonight so it’ll be a late one.

Si is working at the Dockyard again; team leader of the sheetmetal shop where he did his time. He has two apprentices at the moment and I am encouraging them to give him heaps back.

As for me, I’m back at work and studying. Not too sure how things will fit, given home and work and league life, but we’ll see how that goes. Have a Becky Higgins Project Life folder which is desperately in need of photos but up-to-date (gasp!) with journal cards. Even sent some with the SIL for them to do, so it will be a full-on family affair. Just the way I like it.

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