Two Days to Go!

annnnd in breaking (surprising) news, I am not ready. Nor are most of the population, if lunchroom convos are anything to go by. However I have empathy for one woman (must follow on Twitter)

The truth of the matter
‘Twas a few days before Christmas & one child was sick/ The other, stir crazy, was being a dick. The carpet was peppered with patches of spew/ There was a feckload of Christmas shopping to do (@CherylBernstein on Twitter)

Simple, yet brilliant.



I’m 22% nice. That seems awful low! to check yourself out (you have to have a Twitter logon).

Proper post later on today if I get a (shareable) Secret Santa present. My person will be exasperated – I brought them a plant pot, pottery Sage tag, sage seeds and a gardening notebook (their new hobby) but I only had two boxes at home. One was about 5mm too small, and the other was far too big. I didn’t have much packaging material to make sure it doesn’t get broken, so I improvised.

She’ll also have 20 odd packs of chicken flavoured Two Minute Noodles. As one person said, completely non PC, she’s Asian, she might appreciate them more than the actual gift.