WIP Wednesday – the TUSAL

TUSAL? ORT? I didn’t formally join the Totally Useless Stitch A Long this year but I loved the idea of it. I found a Moccona jar, scoffed down the coffee and this is the result…chock full of ORTS.

2014-12-30 21.22.53

Looking at the layers I can see where I was this year, and it’s a tangible reminder of what I have accomplished in 2014 (especially given that I haven’t found the $$ to frame most of what I finished). Starting off with Teresa Wentzler’s Stretch, moving on to the Nora Corbett Sleigh (my fav of this year), a few minis, the start of Mirabilia’s Stargazer, a start to Mediterranean Mermaid, some more mini’s, three NC birds that are completed, Lou’s Letter Fairy and the start of the Reindeer. I love the glints of the metallic Kreinik that shine thru.

This has been really satisfying. I plan to use these threads to fill a Christmas ornie and I’ve already picked next year’s jar – a big, faceted whiskey decanter. Very Downton Abbey 🙂

Next year (it’s nearly here!) I’m planning on taking a photo with each WIPocalypse. Could be embarrassing…