I’m so happy that I’ve completed my portion of the Round Robin in plenty of time to ship her to Rahenna.


This is Nora Corbett’s Moonlight Laguna. I’m glad I had the magazine as colour copies never are the best, and I changed out the border threads where they pinged into the tail (Lenna had twinked out all the rest of the border).

And here’s the piece as it leaves me:


WIP Wednesday

Hump day again! Well, technically, I reached the hump when I left yesterday, as I have Friday off to spend with Mase on his school trip to Bethells Lagoon. Can’t wait!

Last night I finished a small ornie for my twitter-based NZ Secret Santa. She doesn’t follow me here or on Twitter so it’s safe to share:



Very simple finish, blanket stitched felt on the back, used some sparklie thread to create the loop and added the star button to hide the threads.

I’m also working on Lenna’s mermaid tail still: Laguna will have a change in the flowers, so they match the ones used by Lenna in the centre of the whole piece. I’m on the third colour thread, and it’s working up reasonably quickly.


I do like her fabric choice! It works with a wide range of tail colours.