April WIPocalypse

Last night there was a red Moon. Or there should have been. Sadly I was on night five of interrupted sleep (Mase has asthma and this was one of the loooooong bouts where I get up on a cycle to keep ahead of the breathlessness) so when that alarm went off I rolled over. Never mind; apparently it happens again in 2018.

This month’s question is about speciality stitches. I know more than I thought but not enough! Zeb found a class last year that we both attended (www.thestitchsmith.co.nz check out some of her designs! Very Kiwi) and I’m comfortable with the basics, like cross, smyrna, chain, algereian eyelets, stem and so on. I can do but suck at French knots; I’d rather bead,  as evidenced here in B’s sampler. Nothing much has changed there since 2000!


Here’s the entire piece;  Alma Lynne’s Noahs Ark.


Not much actual stitching since last WIPocalypse; lots of thinking tho. See you next full moon!