#craft31days day 18

Oh. I’m so tired but my hamster brain didn’t want to get off the wheel. I’m making mistakes, so I’ve taken a leaf from Measi’s book & allowed myself some grace & a “cheat” day.

Here’s a q I asked way back in July 2015 for WIPocalypse.

Question of the Month

What makes you pick up a long-abandoned UFO rather than beginning a new piece? (this question comes to us via Paula)

I’m still struggling with finishing some of my pieces. The Tapestry Cat languishes still even tho I would have easily another 20 TW designs on the shelf. I’ve over 80 Mira or Nora charts, all the JCS Christmas designs & still I go “oooh, shiny” when something new catches my eye.

How do you finish something before moving onto the next thing? What tips can you give me?

4 thoughts on “#craft31days day 18

  1. I tend to not finish one thing before starting another (at least in my knitting, my cross stitch is currently monogamous). I just cycle back roudn to things event4ually and get all excited about it and want it finished and then I keep working on it and see progress and get more excited about it!

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