WIP Wednesday #277

Morena everyone (that’s Māori for Good Morning). It’s another sunny humid spring day down here in Auckland and of course, I’m stuck at work. If there is one thing 2020 has taught me, it’s to be grateful that I’m “stuck” at work. To have the ability to move freely within my country, to have the ability to pay my bills, to have the ability to buy frivolous stuff, go to sporting matches, walk on the beach or in a park, go out for dinner or a show – it’s all so very, very good. There’s a load of shite being posted on Twitter from a group of UK central/right wing activists about how NZ has been transporting people to concentration camps and the like – I can assure you that is not the case!

Next stop, the Australian coast…

On Saturday I went out to Liz’s at Murawai. She lives on the cliff above the beach and the gannet colony, and the view is *chef’s kiss* I took part in an introduction to surface embroidery (I’d forgotten most from a previous course) and am currently blitzing away at a kit of hers, that of course I am converting to my own colourway. The kit can be found here: https://www.thestitchsmith.co.nz/categories/embroidery/embroidery-kits/aotearoa-tree-of-life-2?gn=embroidery%20KITS-preprinted%20fabric&gp=2

I am also working on Luce Mia when the light goes on in the lounge (embroidery is much easier in daylight) and at work, the Barbados Santa duo is coming to life.

Readingwise, I am currently reading the new Eloisa James romance, My Last Duchess, which is the latest in her Wildes series. I have loved Eloisa’s novels for years (yes, I know who she is IRL, not really Eloisa) and have often gone on reading tangents after. I might even be more tolerant of Shakespeare! I’ve also read an ARC of an upcoming title via NetGalley, which will be my Friyay post. I’m trying to get a “new to me” author at least fortnightly. It’s one way of expanding the boundaries I pulled around myself this year.

Anyways, take care, especially if you’re in a covid hot-spot. Let me know what you’re doing to help yourself mentally too – we should all be sharing the good stuff!

5 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday #277

  1. Haven’t been “doing or making” much of late other than again sorting/sifting up supplies and deciding if some could be for something else. Have quite a few little bags of “things to gift to op-shop” and then found a notice in their front window stating “no donations due to health and safety reasons” – not sure if that’s a flow down from the current situation or something that is happening, in others. I will try and see on another of my little walks if that’s the whole case, or just a particular one.
    Like you – I’ve freedom to do what I want…and yes living in NZ is wonderful to have that freedom.

  2. As I am sure you know covid is completely out of control here and promising to become much much worse. I have stocked up on everything we might need, from food to toiletries and many many books. I suspect there will be much disruption in the supply chains this winter. I would rather be prepared unnecessarily than to be caught off guard. I hate it, but I am not in charge of anything more than the safety of my own little household.

    • I’m so grateful to be in my country and not yours. I cannot believe what I’m reading (avoiding Fox, as apparently we’re in concentration camp like situations which is R I D I C U L O U S) and inside I’m crying. Very stressed about the UK fam & US friends.

      • I never look at Fox and didn’t know anything but very positive things about your country’s handling of the virus. We are led by a sociopath, hence the chaos.

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