WIP Wednesday #267

20200205_090808.jpgHey look! A photo this week – because it’s now a new month, and I’ve rolled over into the next of the Jim Shore 12 Days charts, Two Turtle Doves. I am enjoying this design, as it’s so different to what is in my WIP pile, and I’m looking forward to having it made into a lap quilt or wall hanging for this coming holiday season. Unfortunately it’s stinking HOT here (29 deg C when I got home from work yesterday) so there’s minimal progress. I did get more done on Celtic Sampler while sitting in the shade/breeze up at the SIL’s, and have (date excepted) completed my February goal of finishing that first band. I’m now all the way across to the LHS and am fairly confident that this will be a 2020 finish.

As the January month ended, I did find myself $6.84 in the red for Stitch from Stash, despite the two finishes. I brought fabric from Catherine for another mermaid (actually, thinking it will fit both the Moonlight and Sunlight Laguna maids, with a little adjustment & border realignment). Never mind that I actually need to finish SOMETHING else in my Nora/Mirabilia pile!

Tomorrow is Waitangi Day (our National day here in New Zealand) and then I have Friday off – have told the fam that they are at work/school so I have the day to myself! Catching up with a friend, stitching & possibly a long walk on the beach. Doesn’t that sound heavenly?

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