10 Things to Tell You Podcast Edition – On Reading

screenshot_20180911-214351_instagramLast year in September I took part in Laura Tremaine’s Instagram challenge about 10 Things to Tell You. She’s now expanded this to a podcast (iTunes or if you’re on an android phone, I recommend the Podcast Addict app) and each week, there will be a mini challenge. This week it’s about reading, and we all know how addicted I am to books! I have my childhood favs on the shelf still and made an effort to encourage all of my children to read, & three of the four do chose to read for leisure. Mase even reads himself to sleep like I do!

WHEN DO YOU READ? All. The. Time. I don’t really stop.

HOW DO YOU READ? I read printed, electronically and thru Audible. I consider most written word to be worth having, whether it’s me reading or someone else reading it to me.

WHAT DO YOU READ? Almost anything. I don’t like horror, or sci-fi, but I will devour high fantasy (think Tolken, Eddings, McCaffrey) and love novels that have historical facts woven in (Edward Rutherford, Rosalind Laker, etc). There are some authors I will pick up, almost without prejudice to the genre that they are writing in, and if there’s a bit of humour it is even better (Nora Roberts, Rosalind James, Suzanne Enoch & the late great Georgette Heyer are examples here). I am also quite the aficionado of Sandra Boynton, Linley Dodd & Margaret Mahy.

I’d love to see your answers! Please link to your posts in my comments field x

3 thoughts on “10 Things to Tell You Podcast Edition – On Reading

  1. When do you read?
    I always read before bed every night! I even do it after a night out, inevitably it ends up with me needing to re-read a few pages haha. I like to set time aside at weekends to read depending on my mood & whilst waiting for appointments etc
    How do you read?
    Paperback, hardback, kindle, on my phone if I’m desperate & trying to kill time. Used to use audible at the time but haven’t for a while!
    What do you read?
    I’d like to say anything at least once but my fave genres are chick lit, drama, historical fiction & crime xx

  2. I listen to books in the car and in bed. Other times I read books in my chair and in my bed.I don’t like reading books on devices since I flip around and back sometimes and never mastered doing that on the device. I alternate genres. Just finished all seven Harry Potter books for the first time to keep up with my grandkids. Now I am starting a history of the United States. Love mysteries but not ones with a woman in danger from a psychopath!

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