WIP Wednesday #236

Man. I am flipping from project to project faster than you can turn the page.

With the lounge rearranged, I no longer get enough light to stitch at night in my big chair with the frame. This had meant a lot of frustration but… solution is to put Fairy Idyll away for a while.

So… big project wise I brought ahead my plan to start Shakespeare’s Fairies on January first. The Urewera Mist fabric arrived & it’s not quite as deep as I had hoped. So I went thru my stash & found Sparklies Winter Sky in 28ct lugana. I’m stitching weirdly but can do this in hand, so it should be fine for the road trip. Altho I am tempted to start SF on the Urewera anyway, just to double check…

Travel projects had also flipped. I brought a small haul from 123Stitch & included Hands On Design Hello There. Currently stitching December, which was dumb. I should have started January then I’d have a head start on the new year…

Home stuff is as per. SIL is coming up for Christmas (cue tension headaches) but in response we’re going away. I’m looking forward to a break!

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