WIP Wednesday #221

Sorry peeps! I missed a week due to illness and work and all the horrid things. Life should be sorted out soon, I miss my summer routine & can’t wait for winter to be over. Not least bc it’s 7 bucks for a small punnet of tomatoes right now. I am craving tomatoes.

Not a lot of progress on Celebration Santa; most of this was done last week. I’m changing out some gift boxes for hens as the recipient has chooks galore.

I’ve worked on Persephone for 6 days now out of the 50. The beading on the top skirt is done, some fill in is going on & I’ve sorted the cream DMC conversion for the hem. Pretty happy with that progress.

That’s all from me, hope you are all well & getting lots of good things.

5 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday #221

  1. I hope you can stay well. I still have trouble remembering that you are in the middle of winter. Here it is scorchingly hot and we are waiting for our tomatoes to come on in profusion.

  2. Babe!! Thank God for blogs. My insta was deleted cus nakie bums were offensive to one of my followers, I still wanna send u the scalf I’m knitting for u. 😍 send me an email. Xxx

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