Perfectly Covered in Grace

a lesson to be learnt here – thanks Daleen for sharing what is so, so personal. And Yay for Mr Right.

Christina's Rose

Our guest blogger today is Daleen of Sunday’s Child. She and I met four years ago through WordPress and have become great friends. Listen to her message today- it’s awesome. Love, Joanne

Hi, I am Daleen and I am persnickety.

Over 34 years of married life, I created the ideal time table. The perfect schedule. A well oiled, finely tuned machine.

Once a month I clean, vacuum, scrub, fuss and fluff the front entranceway. No matter what state or country we were/are living in, or the size of front entranceway, I buff and puff. I change the wreath or decor with the season. You will never see Fourth of July bunting still hanging on the 6th of July.

On the last working day of the month, I take a personal day. Facial, pedicure, manicure, hair (cut, color, highlight, hot oil treatment etc). I bike and rebound and get fresh air and sunshine.

Our master…

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