Book Review: The Obsession

Nora Roberts, 2016, Penguin Random House.


I haven’t read a Nora for a while. TBH, they were feeling all same-same and I couldn’t be bothered. But I downloaded this one on Thursday and finished Saturday night and could go back and happily read it all over again right now.

The basic plot is that Naomi discovered  something awful in her father, revealed it, and was strong enough to start creating her new life. As an adult she moves to a remote-ish house on the Washington coast, starts reno and starts living properly. In comes Xander, the hero, and the sub-hero, Tag.

Some things hit close to the bones for me (the mother’s way of checking out was the main) but on the whole I enjoyed this one. The book is divided up into sections (exposure, depth of field, panorama, light and shadow, focus, & balance) and I like the way the writing is subtly changing in each section to highlight the heading. The character development is vintage Nora and the second quotes are perfect.
4 1/2 ⭐

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