RIP to the Goblin King

Not that I want to be jumping on the bandwagon, but David Bowie is a man I’ll miss. His musical gifts were strong, and he could make himself into another character so thoroughly – if you’re a master criminal you should be taking lessons (or maybe not).

I love Labyrinth. I could identify with Sarah (drama much?) especially as my conflicts with my working mother increased and so did my childcare duties. Sorry Rob – it was always you I gave away to Jareth. My own children could probably sing along to several of his songs without even thinking, as his music is so much a part of this generations’ culture too.

as the world falls

I admire too the way in which he conducted himself media-wise. There’s a lot of shock floating around, that his cancer battle was so private but that is exactly what it should have been. As a fan I didn’t have a right to know what was going on in his personal life, and I wish today’s “celebrity” would get on board with that. Kimye, I’m talking to you. And to his family, I thank you for sharing a piece of your David with us.

RIP, David.

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