WIP Wednesday

It’s been an…uhh…weird Wednesday.

I got audited for the second part of my job today. Given that I practically invented the process, with minimal input, and I’m getting the outcome my boss wanted, I think I’m sound okay. But it was odd to explain my reasoning and go over scenarios with someone who is removed from the process. In a way I hope he comes up with some suggestions as I am not sure that I can’t refine the process somewhat.

Sarah was feeling as “done like a dinner” add I was so we went walking to Kings on the other side of Fowlds Park. She got advice about her magnolia and I brought herbs. I need more potting mix but the Bay & the Rue are in new pots where hopefully they can stay for a while. I also noticed my Little Bo Peep rose is covered in flowers.


My Twitter secret santa arrived! Jinny must have paid attention. I have plans for the white one in particular; white kreinik and beads to make it shine. I’m waiting to see if Jen got hers (stalking TBH).

And on the stitching front, as you can see from the IG feed, I’ve got started on Mermaids of the Deep Blue. I did re-chart her hand as it looked odd.


I think I’ll be onto her face just as soon as I finish with the skin on her chest.

What are you up to?

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