A productive night

Tonight’s the first night of ten that I’m a solo parent. I’ve kind of been dreading it but in dime ways anticipating it.
Negatives: my feet are cold. There isn’t another adult to talk to/share the parenting job with. I’m lonely already.
Positives: the kids are helping (Mase hung his jacket up without prompting!). We can eat what we want (requests for corned beef. Tonight we had chicken ravioli). I feel that I have had space to be creative.

I hung some pics in the ensuite and for the first time all year, completed some PL pages. Three. Zac was so happy. Mase looked at the 2010 albums (he was nude a lot of the time. This was his own doing. Most of the time.). I got a lot of pleasure from their enjoyment. I need to keep this going and to that end, I’ve sorted the photos from Feb to June that I want to print.


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