WIPocalypse Check In

WIPocalypseThis month’s set of posts was delayed, thanks to Gremlins getting into Measi’s site. Blah. Sucks that you can’t throw water on electronics (showing my eighties upbringing).

The topic for this month was: I would like to know if you look for LNS’s when you travel. What is the favorite shop you’ve ever found?

I do look for LNS (local needlework store). In fact, I had the GPS going when we came back from Newcastle to Sydney, and a list of five stores. In my defence, we had a list of 24 wreckers to find the bits for the Rodeo.

On Saturday I bribed the tweens I was transporting from their game with Wendy’s just so I could pop into Ribbon Rose in Mt Wellington. I only brought a bobbin of Nymo but it was the best 10 minutes of me time. I had taken in Stargazer & the beads I intend to use, and the sales assistant even stitched a few on the fabbie to show that the thread was hidden. Brilliant service. So if you’re in Auckland, that’s where I recommend you go.

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