MISSING: One eReader. Reward.

It’s not really missing. It’s just that my morning routine went to custard, as it was rubbish & recycling day. I got home later than usual last night (league season training has started) & the Screaming Teen hadn’t done his chores. I didn’t notice until nearly six this morning but punishment will be cleaning their bathroom – and he hates that. Consequences!

So I got to work, settled in then realised at breakfast time that I’d left it behind on my bedside table. I have read nearly every word in the printed Herald today and am jonsing to pick up where I left off – re-reading a Nora Roberts standalone, Black Hills. There’s a good review here:  As the reviewer says One thing that you never fail to do is make the setting come alive. The South Dakota Black Hills have never sounded so welcoming, so engaging…

I do wonder tho at the thought process (or lack of) that goes into covers. This is the original (I edited my file to show this cover):

black hills proper

And then there’s this one (I think this is local to Australia & NZ) – Hills? What hills?

black hills no hills

And this one – hills but a distinct lack of clothing budget…

black hills skank

Maybe I’ll get some more planning time in while I wait between appointments. Here’s hoping!

2 thoughts on “MISSING: One eReader. Reward.

  1. Books covers in general can be incredibly hit and miss. Many of the fantasy stories I enjoy these days seem to be tending towards icons, rather than actual images, which I think is a good thing

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