WIP Wednesday & Smalls SAL check in

I’ve been very busy, in between painting the house, refereeing the brats, work and the cricket world cup (& amazing laugh filed brunch with stitching girlfriends) but I’ve completed my Small this month.


This is a Joan Elliot design from the same book as the Orient piece. Much nicer to stitch! This is on a simple 6*8 frame for Sarah, one of my work mates who has a gorgeous garden. It’s her birthday on Sunday and I wanted to give her something special.

I’ve decided to stitch the rest of the bead stars on Stargazer. I’ll pick up some invisible thread to do that with. In the meantime I started one of the free cherubs from the Mirabilia site.


I’ve changed the background colour from 310 to 823. So far I hate the hair colour but let’s see how adding more colours changes it. I’ve already frogged a section due to cricket excitement so that’s not a problem anymore.

I’ve also tentatively decided what to stitch for the Round Robin. I’m very lucky as Zeb is lending me some of her charts to snip some small portions from. As of today, this is how I look:


What do you think? I am short one section still…

10 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday & Smalls SAL check in

  1. How sweet of you to stitch that lovely garden piece for your friend. You did a beautiful job!
    Mirabilia has so many pretty designs, I have yet to stitch one. 🙂

    • Thanks Marie! She is such a good friend that I wanted to give her something of me 🙂 and I only discovered Mirabilia in the last year. Safe to say I’m hooked! Plenty of time for you to stitch a few!

  2. Pretty garden piece! My husband and I have a backyard garden, where we spend a lot of time in the spring and summer months.

  3. I’m thinking about doing the Miribilia cherub, too. I think I’ll leave the background color out as I want to stitch it on a blue silkweavers opalescent and convert the dress colors to pink.

    • Yeah. I should have used the Navy lugana I have saved. Should.
      Never mind, I managed a side trip to Spotlight today so I’m all set for the long weekend. Have to stay quiet because of Mase.

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