March WIPocalypse & You Can Quote Me

March 5  – Topic: If money – and time – were not limiters, what projects would be on your stitching bucket list?

I’d own a LNS. Seriously. I love walking into a well-stocked store, smelling the fabric, looking at row upon row of patterns, threads, beads. Samples lying around, a farmhouse table where people could meet, framed examples on the walls. Knowledgeable sharing people on staff (and me, of course) and a really good back-of-house system where sales & inventory meet. Fantastic non-whinging customers with open wallets, so I can keep on buying and trading.

Taking a step back, I’d be plowing thru more Mirabilia, and maybe a HAED or another BAP. Finishing some Teresa Wenztlers, playing with dyeing my own fabric. I’d have a craft room that had bolts of fabric and hook after hook of thread & beads so that when I wanted to change something out I could see the possibilities. Space for my home office setup and space for another person (or 2) to craft with me.


I’d also hire a cleaning service. I’d probably have to pay them double to deal with the boy’s bathroom, but it would be worth it.

And for this week’s quote: no pretty picture, just words. Don’t argue with an idiot. Bystanders can’t tell the difference.

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