Grateful for Stolen Ideas (#14)

Fourteen already? It doesn’t seem that long since Ash Wednesday, but I guess it is. Caffeine free me is feeling grumpy & impatient with others, but I don’t feel the need to suck down a coffee. That’s progress. Soon I’ll only be grumpy with others 🙂

Anyway I saw this list on GladriderCrafts blog here and thought OOH I can totally use that. So here we go….

  • Doing? Feeling hungover from a long SAP progress meeting this morning. Went for a walk & I’m still in the blahs over it.
  • Creating? Currently stitching my March Small (pic tomorrow) & waiting on my beads to arrive from Elizabeth’s online store
  • Thinking? of lunch. Sorry.
  • Inspired by? all the lovely images of Mirabilia Dressmaker’s Daughter online (why can’t I get straight to the Deviantart posts on my tablet?)
  • Procrastinating over? Clearly work, as I am posting while I should be looking at purchase orders!

So what are you doing? Creating? Thinking? Inspired by? Procrastinating over?

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