Saturday Share

Most stitchers have to have a stash rummage, count on the fingers/fabric & the dash-around-the-house look for a ruler every time they want to start a new project. I’ve found something that reduces my time here – an app that tells me just how much 32ct linen I would need to start that new design.

The app has free versions for both iPhone and Android users, and so far I’m impressed. Online, you can find it here:

Links to the app stores are below the online calculator. At this point, my only disappointment is that the app is only in inches – but my Filofax hole punch has both measurements available, so I’m all set for my next trip to Ribbon Rose!

Do you have a favourite craft app? Please share!filofax ruler FabricCalcAppPreview

3 thoughts on “Saturday Share

  1. Have this one too and find it great – but I use my Stitchulator app more as it has cm on the final page – the first page you enter the stitch count then the next page you choose the fabric count with options for both over one and over two … finally the last screen you enter the margin you want to use – here you can toggle between cm and inches. Just looked in the App Store for iPhone though and it’s not showing anymore which is sad 😦

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