!!! a sad and urgent post

I see so much of the “copy” pins too. Please don’t pin charts or magazine pics – you are taking money directly from the designers with each pin. And if they can’t survive, they can’t design.

The Grey Tail

I’m really sorry to be back with such sad news, but I simply cannot rest until I let this out. it’s driving me mad since I found out about it, and since I had permission from Diane Williams (Little House Needlework) to say it – here it is.

my long time readers might remember I have started a project (SAL Sorpresa 2) by Sara Guermani who at that time designed as part of the collective trio Les Trois Brodeuses. well, I never went past the first part and meant to finish it off pretty much as it was as an ornament.

but tonight I found out to my astonishment that that chart (as well as at least a bunch of others) has been designed by Sara Guermani by making a collage of Little House Needleworks houses, barns, etc. – I am out of my mind as I type so I’ll…

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