Orient SAL


From today I will be joining in with the Polstitches SAL for the Joan Elliot piece “Spirit of the Orient”. This is a design my friend Lynne loves and she hooked me in (it wasn’t hard; there are some aspects of the design I really like and was planning to “lift” for Smalls). I also have some gorgeous beads that I want to incorporate. Being late I don’t have any of the Polstitches fabric so will just be using plain Lugana. However I personally think this design is detailed & will pop better on plain fabbies anyway. I haven’t yet gone over to the dark side of dying fabrics – with the noteable exceptions of Stargazer (she had to be at late Twilight) and Mermaids of the Deep – which is a chart I still have to get my hands on but am already planning for a very similar colour to Stargazer.

Hope you approve, Jennie! x


8 thoughts on “Orient SAL

  1. Pretty design! I agree about the fabric. As much as I like using overdyed fabrics, sometimes a design works better on a plain background so that the detail of the stitching shows up better.

    • Yeah. I look at some people’s work in a couple of the FB groups and I think EEP! one person did the lilac pixie (Nora Corbett) on LIME green fabric. You know, highlighter lime green. My eyes wept.

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