Making: January

I love these illustrations – and the honesty. Letting go of the “has to be perfect” mantra is also something I find hard. Except in hand stitching; the only place I follow an Amish mantra where they deliberately make a mistake, as only God makes things perfect. However I rarely “deliberately” make a mistake. It’s more along the lines of “oops” and then “oh well, that will still work”. 🙂

cortney paints

Every year, instead of making a resolution, I choose a word and let that word infuse my whole year.  This concept came to me from Ali Edwards.  She’s the creator of the on-line class One Little Word.  You can read for days about this project here.  I’ve had a word for the past five years: focus, unruffled, dare, effort, and one I cannot remember because I didn’t document it at all.  This year my word is: MAKE.  It is an action-packed, externally-focused, see-results kind of word (unlike focus, unruffled, and dare).  It is an extension of 2014: effort.  I really tried to find a word that embodied the create-more-than-I-consume mantra.  Make is just simpler.  So, I intend to make something creative or make progress on something artful every day, including a weekly prize-type thing.  “Thing” is a vague description, I know, but I want these prizes to be varied. …

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