Everything is Awesome!

This could be one for my Smalls list!

The Crafting Geek

So, I’ve been sitting on some Kreinik glow in the dark thread for a while now. (I had mentioned that I wanted to try some and @Kreinikgirl was kind enough to send a sample of it to me.) But I was waiting for the right pattern to come along and finally, last Friday, I found it over at Hugs Are Fun’s Free Pattern Friday post.

Fun, no?

But, I wanted to show off all the colors that I had received so I changed up the color pallet. And, being the true Californian I am, had to add “awesome” to it. (Because, everything is better with the word awesome, just ask writers of The Lego Movie.)


I managed to plow through it in a weekend which is pretty much unheard of for me, but I had some, ahem, awesome people to keep me company while I stitched the days away.

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