WIP Wednesday


I’m changing out to Stargazer for the next week – ROAD TRIP – partially as I need to chart some ribbon from Rudolph to the next reindeer. I’m combining a scene from one of M’s fav Christmas books, where the reindeer are practicing before Christmas Eve, so no glowing nose (frankly, that’s one part of this Rudolph I don’t like) and lots of little combined details. The border will be a modified version of Blitzen’s with some Prancer. I think it’s going to look gorgeous. But as Stargazer is completely as charted (I haven’t even changed any thread colours as I want this to look as close to late twilight as possible) it should be easier. Just lots of thread swapping and the old “count twice, stitch once” theory going on.

Anyway, not sure how much will get done while we travel (must buy some wipes to keep my hands clean) as we explore with the kids. I am looking forward to the two exhibitions at Te Papa (our national museum in Wellington). One is 75 years of Air New Zealand (both S & I worked for the company) and there is, as you would expect, more about the Hobbit. There is also a treasure hunt, of sorts, with a Middle of Middle Earth Costume Trail. I love the fabric details in the LOTR movie franchise and I am fan-girling a little. Or a lot. Probably a lot.


So the next few posts will be a mix of scheduled and spontaneous. Hope you enjoy a look around our country!


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