So much for preparation

Yesterday was the first day back at work after the stat holiday break (I haven’t taken leave yet). Only four days away from my desk, but man-flu turned me into a mess. I packed my lunchbox & stashed it in the garage fridge on Sunday night, and left a note on the front door…

2015-01-05 05.58.42

I didn’t forget my lunch box. I forgot my breakfast instead….muppet.

8 thoughts on “So much for preparation

  1. Yep, can relate to that. 2 weeks off work, worried I was going to sleep in and found myself wide awake at 5am. About to leave for work at 8.15am (for 8.30 start) and realised I hadn’t made my lunch…….how did I miss that when I was up and awake at 5am. Luckily hubby is still off work for another 2 weeks, so he offered to make it and bring it in later…..

  2. I lost 3 hours, where I have no idea if you find them can you send them back to me. Coffee, read the paper, breakfast, shower, hang some washing out, and then I pottered around, find 1 thing to put away and then get distracted. My inner voice is always saying “Finish what your doing”….

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