Oh, I wish it was still NaBloPoMo!

the subtitle could be: Hard evidence that I haven’t planned any blogging!

Blog. Posting has slowed down a bit. I’m looking forward to Myfanwy’s prompts for January, but I wish she would publish them now so I can write them down and feel like I’ve planned a bit! Hint hint! I think however I will plan a third theme day into every week; I’m sure you would love to know what I’m reading/watching. Right?

I’m under more than a little pressure. Christmas dinner won’t be at mine this year, which means I have to transport numerous cooked and chilled items plus kids plus presents. Presents are actually no excuse; let’s face it, I can take them up to the SIL’s as soon as they are wrapped. Kids? I have to take them with me anyway, it’s the law. Food? This is where I need to sit down and plan carefully with the others. Let’s hope for good weather so we can eat outdoors!

Work is messy – I am putting off about 30 minutes of ick by writing this post. However I’ve told myself that once done, I can go to Kings Plant Barn & get my secret Santa present. Carrots again. Points if I don’t come home without something for me! Only 66 store emails when I peeped at that inbox earlier today. Ugh.

Craft. In the light of day 100 stitches seems nothing! But over the course of the year this is one area where I have done better than planned (in some areas – I didn’t complete 12 TW smalls, just three, although Stretch was one of them) and I didn’t touch Tapestry Cat (which I do want to see finished and I’m glad I didn’t pass onto a FB “friend” to do, as she turned out to be a complete liar) but my TUSAL jar is nearly chockablock (photo on the 31st!) and will stuff an ornament easily. Stitchers reading this will know about TUSAL and smile. FYI I set myself up with the large Moconna jar so was quite ambitious. I also didn’t keep up with all the surface embroidery techniques but I am happy I went to the class & want to do some more next year. Maybe start a little simply and chain/satin over an existing print to personalise cushion covers?

Pintrest. I’m itching to do a few things but these will have to wait for my leave in late January. Me and the sewing machine have a date, and by the end of the week I’ll have an amazing outdoor table plus covered seat. I love Pintrest; it’s a huge time waster but oh so gorgeous. Lots of funny things too. Amazing recipes, beautiful things. House envy sometimes!

I suppose I can share that there is a reason why I have the blahs. The Screaming Teen (who can be known as The Only Teen for another 15 months) did something incredibly stupid. And illegal. And has shocked the sh*t out of me, to say the least. I find it really, really hard to even hold a conversation with him, I’m that angry at his blasé /victim attitude. I’ll get over it, I have to; but he really took the shine out of his school award and behaviour. At home he now has all the chores that Z would do on top of his own and is grounded for the summer, with no access to anything electronic, including FB and his phone. Yes, I know it’s now the end of the world as he knows it, but he doesn’t seem to care! And to think everyone told me girls were awful as teenagers…they lied. Praying that Tough Love works as I don’t know what else. Boarding School?

4 thoughts on “Oh, I wish it was still NaBloPoMo!

  1. Oh wow, you certainly have a lot on your plate at the moment! I hope everything soon calms down for you, especially with your teenager. No idea on whether or not boarding school would work (it worked ok for me, but then I’m a little goody two-shoes!)

  2. Teenage years are awful, and I don’t envy you. If it’s any consolation even the really bad episodes do fade with time – and some of them (the ones that you remember more than the others, thankfully) actually do have an amusing side in the longterm. You won’t be there yet – don’t try to look for it, but it will come. Sounds as though you are doing all you can. He just needs to know that you still love him, just not his behaviour.

    As for prompts….. just for you….. tell us about 15 minutes of your day when you spent time preparing for the coming celebrations – and then on to the end of the year. You are on the other side of the world – so they will be different to ours. If you are ‘only’ wrapping presents….. just describe one of the wrapping papers or something. Does that sound like a plan?

  3. There you knew Myfanwy would have some good advice. I agree the teenage years can seem like hxxx at times but they do pass by – to quickly in some ways. We are thinking of you and looking forward to hearing about Christmas in the Southern Hemisphere.

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