It’s the Little Things – NaBloPoMo twenty nine

Wow less than a week till I go on holiday! I can’t wait. This week has been hard at home and work. The Screaming Teen is out tonight with a mate; they’ve gone to XFactor auditions (to watch) & I’m planning on being a nana and going to bed early.

Because we’re having to move the boys around (one of the concussion recommendations is to move B further away from the centre of the living space) is very noisy. Very noisy. Complaint central.  So I got outside and started one of B’s chores, the lawn.

Actually that was the highlight. Listening to QI podcasts (I find the facts and comments hilarious) and seeing the difference from wild to even.

Also had the reward of seeing the new fruit, both on the Thumbelina Apple and the Boysenberry Brulee. Which I have netted off now. I want those berries for me!


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