WIP Wednesday – NaBloMoPo twenty six

Can’t quite believe that it’s less than one month to Christmas. I have brought a couple of things but am planning on buying when we’re in Sydney next month. Also can’t quite believe that I have made it this far without missing a day! Thanks for sticking in there too.

Z changed some of the 12 Things in the car last night. He’s the one who thinks long and hard about the right answer.

  • Five commando comics
  • Six Coruba RTDs (as he drinks Coke all the time, so my suggestion wasn’t special enough!)
  • Eight Wheels Washing (the kids will clean & valet the cars)

Ten is definitely Lotto scratchies then. Easy!

Today’s WIP isn’t large, as I finished the Scarlet Tanager on Sunday night. I think he’s gorgeous, lovely colours. I changed the background blues, more to match the other two already completed than for any other reason.

Tanager 3

This is another Nora Corbett – the Letter L for my L. Colours are being converted bc I can’t afford the Crescent Colours threads (and they aren’t colourfast) so it’s a little slower than first thought. I also haven’t chosen the replacement for the purple Letter interior. Fabric is 25ct beige Lugana.

L fairy 1

Bejeweled 562
Cobbled Peach 819
Key Largo 3817
Deep Fennel 502
Old Blue Jeans 501
La Tierra 840
Hickory Sticks 3031
Vintage Violet 3756
Cloud blanc
Argyle Socks ???
Mill Hill
42027 40123
02001 02010
02072 02053
12126 12286
02001 in hair 00557

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