A Personal 12 Days of Christmas – NaBloPoMo twenty five

I feel quite safe posting this – not sure Si actually remembers that I blog, let alone the address! So this should still be a surprise.

I read a while ago about the 12 Days Project. It’s been around for a while, but I am clearly a bit slow <grin> This year I will attempt to complete this for Si. The trick will be convincing him that I don’t want anything in return. And getting little Mr M to keep a secret! I’m starting on the 13th, which I KNOW is not the right way around, but I just want to start 🙂

On the x day of Christmas, my true love gave to me…

  1. A Batman tree ornament (press the button, it even makes the sounds!)
  2. Two movie tickets (for him and his bestie, as I don’t actually like going to the movies)
  3. Letters from the boys
  4. 4 in 1 photo frame with the boys each holding a word & L in the last space
  5. $5 lotto scratchie
  6. I’m thinking a 6 pack of Coke?
  7. Picnic with 7 food items
  9. Packs of his fav chewing gum
  10. Might be lame but a $10 scratchie?
  11. Playlist with 11 of our favourite songs
  12. 12 memories – a calendar

The idea isn’t to spend up large, but to make the other person feel loved. What do you think of this? Commercial or cheesy or choice?

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