You Can Quote Me Part I – NaBloPoMo six

This week’s mini-topic seems to be (by default, I haven’t entirely planned this) Pressure. I said on Tuesday that one of the tools I use to alleviate pressure is inspiration. I use Pintrest to group these in a folder I call “printables” – which also includes stuff for my personal planner.


Bethells Tower at Sunset

Bethells Tower at Sunset

To me, a lot of the inspiration also brings back awesome memories as well as getting my thought process back on track. My current favourite is a poem by Victoria Erickson I’ve mentioned before in the blog. Mentally I always combine this with Bethells.

If you ever find yourself empty

from something you cannot know or name,

find a stretch of ocean,

a field, or mountainside,

or even clouds or trees

Because there are a thousand simple ways

to fill your tired soul

so you can remember

how to be,

how to see,

and most importantly,

how to breathe.


Photo image isn’t mine; I’m not sharing that until it’s complete as I am planning it to be a gift for S. I intend to over-write a photo of Bethells Beach that I took a couple of years ago and then print this out as a wall paper panel or canvas for the house this summer. This one is also used earlier in the blog; credit goes to Summit Walter Rao. Contact details are on his blog.


Where do you go when it all gets too much? What’s your re-inspire place? What poem brings you peace or inspires you to more?

3 thoughts on “You Can Quote Me Part I – NaBloPoMo six

  1. Wow, all your posts seem to be massively appropriate for me right now! I don’t have anywhere to go to get re-inspired, and it’s just starting to hit me how hard I push myself- I definitely need to go somewhere to relax and calm down, but I don’t know where! Thanks for the reminder to take time out for me!

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