WIP Wednesday – NaBloPoMo five

I have a few pieces that are still sitting around, languishing incompleted. Today’s WIP (work in progress) isn’t going to be one of those – this is the Nora Corbett Yellow Figbird (NC186). M says with all the innocence and disgust of a five y.o. “It’s GREEN!” Yes, yes it is…go save your indignation for the new CGI Bob the Builder, honey.


This one has been super quick – today is day 11. If I pick up the missing thread colour from Spotlight tonight I’ll be finished by Friday. And if it’s sunny this weekend I’ll pick up Arezzo and work some more on her. Over one on 28 count was totally stupid and overly ambitious!


Close-up of the beads; this is a design where I prefer to stitch the beads with a full cross as they are so large. Actually I do this on most pieces as I think this makes them more secure, and I like to see them vertically rather than on a lean. Also very important is to NOT carry the darker threads under a light coloured fabric. If you are a new stitcher, remember that you can flip your fabric 180 degrees and your crosses will still go in the same direction! And if you are stitching massive blocks of background, either buy that thread ensuring it’s from the same dye batch or stitch that block using one thread from each skein to get a blend.

Fabric: Wichelt Lugana, 25 count, White

Threads: DMC as charted EXCEPT 827 for the background rather than 3846. Definitely two skeins needed.

Beads: Mill Hill as charted.

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