sorry – I tried to post this last night but the phone app wouldn’t function 😦


Yesterday a twitter “friend” passed away. I loved tweeting with Jared; I found his comments witty, clever, kind, inspirational, lovely and FAITHFUL. Jared was in an awful position; a young man, husband, new father-to-be, doctor – and suffered from an awful disease. Thanks to stranger’s generosity he was able to fund treatment which allowed him to meet his daughter – he was even well enough to be present at her birth.


I first came across Jared as a result of his photography; he was always generous with his knowledge. I expect that his patients also feel the same; and I feel so sorry for his family and friends and colleagues, but amazed that through everything Jared held onto his faith, was so full of grace and beauty. He is now with the Lord.


Jared’s blog:

Stuff article:

20/20 video:


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