Inspiration from reading

The books that I “keep” and re-read usually inspire something, or are ones that make me think. Lately I’ve been thinking about forgiveness, as I know I truely still hold a grudge against a previous manager, despite the fact that A) I’ve learnt to be a lot stronger mentally, B) that incident didn’t penalise me financially and the agreement reached with employers was beneficial and C) I am far happier now that I was for the last 6 months of that employment.

Holding this grudge benefits me in no possible way. I am very unlikely to come across this woman again yet why can’t I leave it alone in some locked off part of my head?

So on that theme I came across a Christian romance by Susan May Warren. I’ve read some of her other lighter, humourous stories but not following her on FB or Twitter means I haven’t read her in years. This is book one of a series (yay, prefer series with the good authors) and one of the key drivers in the story is forgiveness. As she says in her blurb online ( we live in a blame world.

We’re quickly spiraling into a society without mercy. Without grace. Without forgiveness.

So two chapters in I am enjoying this story unfold and the thinking opportunities.


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