birthday wishes

so I’m nearly 40. Si has been asking for ideas, Louise asks if I want a party. I really don’t know but this is my current short list…

  1. time alone! To nap, to read, to stitch, to wander the beach.
  2. Mirabilia’s Stargazer chart and beads. That’s here: I have the perfect fabric already.

  3. another trip to Sea World – I could spend several hours at that lagoon. My own fish tank can’t quite compare. Yet. I do have a shark! 

  4. patience to finish Arezzo. Over 1 might not have been the best choice but now I do know the technique and limitations for when I need to do over 1 on a larger design. 
  5. another Sheltie. I promised Si I wouldn’t buy one. I never promised I wouldn’t accept one! This is Robbie, adopted from a puppy mill by one of the FIL’s friends. He’s gorgeous. 

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