well crap

There are sadly a few things to feel crap about.
On the me front, I have my MRI tomorrow. I sincerly doubt that the people involved will look like anyone from Grey’s Anatomy, which is my only experience so far with MRIs. I hate enclosed, small dark spaces and even worse, I have to give my glasses up. So blind will be added to my list of woes. Oh, and I am expected to fast. It just gets better and better!
On the family front, yesterday morning our Pa passed on. He was a wonderful man and always had time for us. I feel bad that we didn’t take Mase to him (when we were in Vegas recently Si was coming down with a cold and we didn’t want to give that to him; just as well as that one landed me in hospital); that we or me didn’t make the trip more often. But I know he’s happy where he is, with Gran, as they spent too much time apart. Worried about my Dad, and how he’s taking it; and feeling for cousin Sara. It’s been a rough couple of years for her.
Bran has taken this badly too but was last night quietly curled up with a photograph. I don’t think Zac understands death, as he was so “whatever” about it. I think I’ll be having a Q&A session with him in a few days when it sinks in.
As for me it just doesn’t seem real.

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