Feeling Blah – so looking on the bright side…

Today we had a big meeting at work – well, some of us got carted off to a lawyer’s conference room for the big reveal. Talk about scary – and my co-worker was freaking, which I admit now I have a VERY SMALL tolerance for, and that didn’t help.
Upshot is our positions are disenfranchised. What a stooopid word. There are positions that we can apply for, but in full on cynical mode I don’t see me getting considered. Who would hire someone 30 weeks pregnant? Would you?
So now I am waiting on my interview tomorrow. My entire paid parental leave hangs in the balance too so pretty sick to the stomach (altho that might be the two pieces of fudge).
BUT – having just got my daily fix of Ali Edwards, here’s a list of what I’m currently grateful for:

  • Si has a job, and is loving it (long may it last!)
  • I do have bubs to look forward to (if I could sleep thru labour, that would be the icing on the cake)
  • my kids are all healthy, good and adorable
  • my antenatal bloods came back and they were fantastic
  • I adore my totally supportive midwife
  • I’ve had phone calls of support from suppliers already. Word got out there so fast. Wow.
  • We currently have a roof over our heads and while I may have to go talk to the bank manager, let’s leave that until we know something concrete, rather than all these maybes
  • I might finally learn how to use Photoshop.
  • This might be a new door opening.

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