my day…

I have had the most stressful day. I really don’t want to live thru this again.I had some belly pains last night and a lot of gas. At work today it only got worse, really uncomfortable and I went to the doctors. Could be UTI, kidney stones and we’ll just check on baby’s heartbeat. Oops. Can’t find baby.

Right about now I AM FREAKING OUT. Not only pain, but thinking this is the end? I only just got to the point I knew I was really, really having a baby! So had to wait until midday, absolutely busting (they were good, got me squeezed in for a scan) and boom. There he is. The relief was the best thing.

But now I rattle – codeine for the pain, maxalon for the nausea, augmentum (sp) in case there is an infection, and some other stuff which tastes gross to counter the constipation that the codeine will apparently give me. And I still don’t know what’s causing the pain!

It must have been just as bad for Si. He can’t feel the pain (has to put up with the gas, but that’s really all just in competition!) but watching me wig out can’t be fun.

And the well-meaning but annoying questions about Murray again. I can handle them from people I know who are truely concerned, but the gossip ones I could kick.

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