RIP Murray

I can’t really believe this has happened. Murray is one of the best men I know; a great father, partner, friend. He was the glue that held our group together and he will be sorely missed.

What’s harder is knowing how much he enjoyed this life. Just five weekends ago we caught up and looked over their new house and listened to him heckle the builder. He was so full of enthusiasm over what would be their new home and I love that about him. So full of energy it’s unfair he won’t grow old.

The last few days have been full of tears and laughter as we talked to friends scattered around NZ and Australia. We’re praying for Emma, his son and the extended family; we hope that Murray will be home soon.

Thanks to AirNZ for the help in getting Si home to us for these few days; the manner in which the staff have assisted families and friends is amazing and a real credit to the management and each & everyone of you. Thanks also to Catherines R & C, Michelle, Becs & Emma2; I really appreciated the hugs and the words.

One thought on “RIP Murray

  1. Paula, I saw your comment on Ali’s blog. This sad event IS part of your December. Keeping it real is so much of her philosophy imho. Maybe do some of the wonderful memories. It’s hard but it could help. A long distance hug to you.

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