a few things…

I haven’t written in a while – life has been quite busy! Simon came back to Auckland to spend last weekend with the kids and we ran around like mad things for three days solid. I even managed to (probably, according to the physio) detatch part of my tendon from my hip. OUCH! Sitting, walking and driving are all a little uncomfortable right now. I’m just glad the second car is an automatic.

Speaking of cars, I still haven’t heard from the insurance company as to if they have found my car as yet. Yes, my poor little Legnum that was damaged in June, then finally taken away in October. I rang for an update a fortnight ago and was told that the file had been closed off. So I asked what the resolution was. Sorry miss, can’t tell you. Pardon? Sorry miss, there’s nothing written down. So, can I speak to a supervisor? No miss, but I’ll speak to one for you. Ten or so minutes of stewing later, she came back online with the same answer. I rang the ASB customer helpline and vented. I have the email of one of the reps in Wellington but keep getting fobbed. I am seriously pi$$ed and once this is over, taking my business and the MIL’s away from IAG. It’s bad enough that I had to argue for several months that I had full cover insurance, to finding out that the agreed value (my bad, I never looked at the papers fully) was about four times the resale value – they tell me that I’m not important enough to warrant a loan car or repayment of any associated costs. If anyone can recommend a company please do let me know. I would really appreciate it!

I finished the cover and major interior pages of my December Daily – I’ll try to remember to post some pics. Thanks for reading!

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