WIP Wednesday & the Smalls SAL update AND the new hotel for Travelling Bunny

Is that a contender for longest blog title ever?

I am rocking along with Stargazer. Last night’s progress wasn’t as much as hoped as I tried a couple of different beads for the swag (froggy came a courting) then settled on Kreinik #4 002. It’s more subtle than I wanted but gold beads are too much, and neither 00150 or 03050 or 03014 looked right. The front (white/lilac) part of the skirt is still to be beaded (I will likely use 03044 here) but I had to move onto the threads again as was watching NCIS season 12 kick off here. It’s the first time I’ve pulled that show apart while watching and I hope my love affair with it isn’t waning.


For Smalls (hosted by Stitching Lotus, link here:  http://stitchinglotus.ca/2015-sal/  ) I managed not one, but TWO pieces. First was of course, Travelling Bunny. I used Anne’s finishing technique to complete him, and I’m really happy with how he turned out.


Second was a colour conversion of Not My Circus, which is on my filing cabinet here at work. It isn’t properly laced as I am looking for that perfect Monkey or Circus button or brad to add to it but it serves the purpose as a reminder not to get caught up with other people’s dramas here at work, no matter how entertaining they might be. If you want a copy of my stitching notes, including colours, please flick me an email at paulainauckland at gmail dot com & I’ll get it out to you. I’m really happy with the tones that progress down the word Circus. REALLY happy.


Next month’s Small should be the Lizzie*Kate Stitching Forever piece, as I picked up the chart on a quick visit to Ribbon Rose last week. I’m planning on incorporating some of the jewel threads that Gladrider sent me this month to illuminate it. Yummy!

Now, the last thing is to announce where Travelling Bunny is heading off to! I got lots of lovely comments – awesome to have contact with people who have stitched him in the past and are still following him – and seven entries. Drumroll please…Bunny is heading off to Stephanie42! You’ll be able to catch up with him here: https://stephanie42.wordpress.com/

Congrats Stephanie – check your email later on today!

Ooh look


Blah. I’d love to share my second finish for 2015 but just remembered it’s my Smalls finish too. Hope you can wait a fortnight! M says if I had green thread and brown beads this could be a Christmas tree…


Do please share my Travelling Bunny post. I’d love to see a few more entries! Thanks!

EDIT: It would possibly help if I posted the Travelling Bunny link again, right?



Travelling Bunny – a finish & a giveaway

If you’ve been following for a while you might remember that I was SOOOOOO excited to win the opportunity to host The Travelling Bunny in his world circumnavigation. Bunny waited patiently until January first – and he’s my first stitching piece of 2015.

Me being me, I did convert a few things. Fabric was the natural/taupe 25ct Lugana. His coat is 3790, his tummy & tail in 613, the background is 3865. His eyes are Mill Hill 02014 and the stamens are 02002 added with 677. The flower and the greens are as per the chart. I need to rummage for some fabric to stitch him into an ornie – but I have until the last Wed of the month before check-in so I’m good.

Bunny now needs to move on – he didn’t get residency and he’s packing his bags. He’s been travelling since May 2011 – yes, that long! check out Chiara’s blog category – http://thegreytail.wordpress.com/category/travelling-pattern/ – along with a rotating bag of goodies.

So – if you have a blog, and you want to participate, COMMENT on this post by January 27th, New Zealand time. I’ll announce the next host when I post my Smalls SAL post on the 28th. It’ll be cool to see where in the world he ends up next!