Sharing Is Caring: Casa Cenina & Italian Rebuilds

Unless you’ve been under a rock, you’ll know that there are some devastating natural disasters around the world. Needlework supplier, Italian-based Casa Cenina, has gathered together some original designs especially to raise funds for the earthquake rebuild fund. Click HERE to choose. from some awesome designs.

  • Bothy Threads
  • Joan Elliot
  • Nora Corbett
  • Hands On Design
  • Little House Needleworks
  • Lizzie*Kate
  • so many more!

No points for guessing what was my first purchase…

All designers and Casa Cenina will donate the whole sale income of these e-patters to the Italian Civil Protection, for the post-disaster reconstruction.



WIP Wednesday

Does anyone want to welcome me back? Four days of migraine & I feel like it was four weeks. I had no end of FB notifications, emails etc – if you sent me something, send it again as it’s a big blur. However yesterday I sort-of felt human again & was up and about. I completely regret missing Z’s 12th birthday party but I can tell you that cricket balls against your window are not conducive to a fast recovery.

I finished the stitching part of my Small for the month (reveal is set for the 25th; if I showed you something now I’d have to get something else done before then!) and the beading on Stargazer’s dress. I did the large star but I’m not 100% sure if I want to do more, to be honest. Right now I am living with her in daily view so I can make a decision later. There’s no rush; she is for me so I don’t really care if that portion of the design is done or not. I am keeping the chart tho (I normally swap so I can a) keep my stash manageable & b) stitch something else I want to do cheaper) as I plan to do her again in 10 years or so!

Med at March 9, 2015

Because DD still hasn’t arrived in the mail I pulled out a WIP last night. My “hospital” piece, the Mediterranean Mermaid. Last night was some confetti, the backstitch around the urn/hands (yes, that bead is not as charted) and a bit of working out where I was up to/where I want to go next. I sort-of have to finish her in the next block; the pattern’s already promised to a friend & they have been patient! Far more patient than I am 🙂 I love how the BS around the skin suddenly made it pop. Sorry about the spooky eye tho. Promise I’ll get onto that this week.

So a quick trip to Spotlight for a couple of DMC threads (I’m in a hurry and annoyed that I don’t have them to hand) and another order to Elizabeth at as I have changed the beads charted – again! The perils of not using the original fabric – something’s usually got to give.

WIP Wednesday

I decided not to pick up Orient during my wait for more Stargazer supplies (impatient much?!), and decided even more not to start another bigger project. Instead I started my March small. Three evenings in and here it is:


Sorry for the angle; at 2030 last night I wasn’t exactly thinking straight. This is the Joan Elliot design Joy of Gardening that was in the same book as Orient. I altered the “he” to “she”, because the intended recipient is also female & I know for a fact the other half is the designated hole digger/path maker. Anyways, it’s a quick design and you can’t tell where my count went out by a square. I think this one will be a finish this weekend, once the birthday parties are over and done with. Threads as charted except for the onions (the other colour didn’t stand out on my beige Lugana) and over 2 on 25ct. I was tempted to change the robins to tuis but I don’t know if they are in the recipients garden. Maybe next time – this is one I will stitch again. Even the border looks good – simple but effective. I’ll use that on something else too.

I’m seriously thinking that after Stargazer I might try one of the freebie Mirabilia designs in a tent stitch, 2 over 1. I also think I might be nuts. But I do know I don’t want to do a full cross over 1 again, as Arezzo languishes in the drawer unfinished. I was going to pull her out over the “summer” but then I put her straight back again. I really should just sit down with her while the cricket is on the telly.

What are you working on today?

A very belated WIP Wednesday

So you know how I said I didn’t stitch all weekend? The three day weekend?

Well last night I got the guilts and stitched likea mad thing. Finished France and it doesn’t fit the chosen frame! By about 30mm. Gutted. Plan B for the birthday present. Hold on. There is no plan B! And it’s too late to submit to a framer, so it will go into my box for now. At least it qualifies as a Small.

I also got a couple of lines done on Orient, & tonight I finished the verse and started on a frame and the first fan (it is this week’s target). Getting there. I hate doing lettering on light fabric. You have to be very careful to not leave shadows on the back.

Right now I just want to get back into Stargazer. Hopefully when I finish a couple of panels I’ll return to being excited. Hoping.