scheduling worked well then, didn’t it?

Fail! Prompt four ended up posting before three! Honestly – it was written after. My time zone keeps bouncing back to default whenever I use the app version unless I check & re-save before typing the post. Wonder if I can go back and alter the time now?

Melbourne Cup day here “down under”. It’s the only day in the calendar where I plan to bet. Usually just the office sweepstake. This year it’s organised by the lovely Amanda, complete in heels and a fascinator. For a massive mad two bucks, I have #5, Protectionist. Reasonable chance with 22114, right? Apparently he’s German. It always amazes me that horses can move quite freely between countries but I can’t take the dog or cat (not that I have either) or goldfish. Photo stolen from some Melbourne paper. Love how his handler’s sneaking in a pie.


Reading “The White Horse King” by Benjamin Merkle, all about Alfred the Great. I’ve read a couple of things previously (mostly fictionalised, TBH) and this has “a ha!” moments. Like the bit about the earlier Viking raiders. They would plant the crops then sail over to England, raid a monastery or other soft target, and be back home in time to harvest. Now that’s efficient.