WIP Wednesday #230

Hey everyone! Today’s going to be a little bit off, as I am at the DC for an all-day training session. I’m looking forward to it, something different. A change is as good as a rest, right? So…I’m uploading this on Tuesday as otherwise I might forget.

With daylight savings and great weather we’ve been taking advantage of “spare” time. Instead of boot camp, Si & I have done a lot of walking – I’ve gone from (prior to the clock change) an average of 4.94km daily up to (last week) 7.13km. This Monday I did 7.9km and I’m nearly half-way thru the monthly Samsung Health challenge of 200K steps with 22 days to go.

So in the weekend, I finished beading and FFO’d the two Mill Hill ornaments I’d stitched at work. This is the Peridot ornament from a series I stitched in 2016 or 2017 as gifts (I want to re-chart the colours and do a set for myself). I also did a huge chunk of Fairy Idyll, so much so that my right hand is really sore now and stitching is a little painful.

And this week at work, my goal is to lunchtime stitch in the sun and finish the stitching for the Merry Christmas Santa that I am adapting. I’m nearly there & should be well done before the recipient & I meet up in November. Then after that, I’m ready to start Barbados Santa from the 2017 series by Sandra Cozzolino. Again, this is one for me/one for Lou. Then I’ll sell or #passthestash with all three charts, as I don’t mark the originals.

Haul – I found Shakespeare’s Fairies on trademe (our version of ebay) for a very reasonable price. I am torn about the fabric, but I think I’ll go with #3, Urewera Mist by Countrystitch. I am itching to start this one, but as Catherine dying until November, I will just have to be patient. Sigh.

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