ARC Review: Say I Do In Good Hope – Cindy Kirk

say i doBLURB: Sometimes love is right on your doorstep…

Eliza Shaw has never met a crisis she couldn’t manage. If her father thinks she’s going to take his attempt at selling the family home out from underneath her, then he clearly doesn’t know her at all. She‘ll chain herself to the banister if she has to…

Kyle Kendrick doesn’t have time for the hassle of an eviction. He definitely doesn’t have time for Eliza Shaw’s drama – even if she does look distractingly gorgeous when she’s furious. His sister is arriving in Good Hope and he needs a home. Now.

Neither Kyle nor Eliza is thrilled at the idea of sharing the house, but it’s the only sensible solution. Now if they could each just stop fantasizing about their new roommate this crazy plan might just work. And if they’re lucky, what started out as playing house could end up giving them the home and family they’ve both desperately yearned for.

Eliza Shaw’s been the bad character in the previous four titles so it’s a bit of a mind shift to have her as the romantic lead. However right from the start, she is fleshed out further and her characteristics and flaws are thoroughly explained – but not in one of those “the reader’s an idiot” ways. Kyle is equally a flawed character but it’s Lolo, his needy sister, who was my favourite in this story. Again, it’s clear to see where things were headed right from chapter one, but it’s a nice story all the same. As a series it’s still progressing nicely and I am still wanting to continue with it.

I received an Advanced Reader Copy of this book from the publisher and am voluntarily reviewing it. As per, I don’t seek to fund this blog, but pre-order links & more about the series are available on the Author site Say I Do In Good Hope releases on November 14th (so 15th if you’re in New Zealand, like me).

The previous title, Forever in Good Hope, was an earlier blog review HERE

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